BrowLuxe Precision Brow Pencils


Why start with a brow pencil?

It's precise. the design on our pencil allows for effortless application. It's the easiest consumer product to send home with a client. all-in-one compact product that you can take with you anywhere.

What elements of the component's design were on your wish list and why?

Well, of course the triangular tip was really important because with the rise of the Microblading trend, we wanted people to be able to replicate a hair-stroke effect and this was the perfect design to be able to do so. Also, I need my brow pencils to have a dual-ended spoolie to facilitate blending and in case i make a mistake (it's a great eraser)!

Why did you choose to expand the line to 8 shades?

It's about being able to match and accommodate each and every undertone, skin tone, hair colour. So we chose 8 unique but universal tones that can match each individual in a custom way, yet swing easily between different hair and skin tones.

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