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Elate Clean Cosmetics Creme Blush

Designer: Elate Clean Cosmetics

Love +Bamboo Case
Elation +Bamboo Case
Bliss + Bamboo Case
Celestial Highlight + Bamboo Case
Wonder Highlight + Bamboo Case
Keen + Bamboo Case
Refill Love
Refill Elation
Refill Bliss
Refill Wonder Highlight
Refill Celestial Highlight
Refill Lucent Highlight
Refill Keen
Refill Bask
Refill Gild
Bask + Bamboo Case
Gild + Bamboo Case
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This is your all-in-one colour creator. Elate Universal Cr?®me will flush your cheeks with a look that‚Äôs soft, dewy and natural, or highlight your face with a youthful contoured glow. This little gem also gives lips a boost with matching colour that stays fresh all day. Made with cold-pressed organic jojoba oil, castor oil, evening primrose and borage, this cr?®me glides on like a dream and soothes your senses with lemongrass essential oil. Consider this your face‚Äôs wake-up ritual.

Size: 9g